Peter Meer has been retained as an expert witness in the following property management legal cases (both residential and commercial).

He has testified or been deposed in jurisdictions across the United States including the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming where he is considered an expert in property management. 

If you would like more information about any of these cases please contact Mr. Meer.

3-2012Williams v. The CT Group For Defense. Morgan, Carlo Downs & Everton. Robin Hauptmann (410) 584-2800 Ex. 3315Apt. residence killed at bus stop by another residentCase settled
6-2012Siqueira v. Sutton Walk Portfolio. For Defense Morgan, Carlo, Downs & Everton. Alan Carlo (433) 589-3313 Hunt Valley, MDPltf assaulted at residence
10-2012Arapahoe County v. USA 5500, Mk Realty & Metro. Dworkin Chambers Williams York Benson & Evans. For Pltf Steven York (303) 584-0990Employee of country slipped and fell at Bank. Case settled (Denver)
11-2012Dancer Cantu v. Sandalwood Mgmt Law Offices of Thomas J. Henry (Corpus Christi). For Pltf Glen Larson (361) 985-0600Breezeway balcony railing gave way, father & son fell from 2nd floor. Case Settled
7-2013Lompe v. Sunridge et al Montgomery, Kolodny, Amatuzio & Dusbabek, LLP. For Defense Peter Dusbabek 970-221-2800 (Ft. Collins atty, tried in WY)CO poisoning of Lompe Deposed. Lompe wins $6mill.Lompe wins $6mill.
1-2014 Dorman v. CSB III, Collegiate Suite. Sands Anderson PC For Defense: (Richmond, VA) Terrance Graves (804) 908-0927CO poisoning of 5 college girls
Case settled
2-2014 Miles v. Oaks of Marymount. For Plaintiff. Law Offices of Thomas J. Henry (Corpus Christi) Dennis Bentley (361) 985-0600Miles fell from 2nd floor balcony. Case settled
Ferguson v. DOT HOA. For Plft.Law Offices of David Helmer. (Frisco) Alex Marsh 970-668-0181S/F on refinished wood deck.Unknown
1-2015Blanford v. American Realty Advisors For Pltf. Burg, Simpson, Eldredge. Steve Burg, Englewood, CO
(303) 792-5595
Injury (UPS person) while delivering a package Case settled
3-2015Castro v. Platano. For Pltf. Koskoff, Koskoff & Binder. (CT) Bill Bloss (203) 336-4421
CO from improperly vented wood burning stove
1-2016Robertson v. Chippenham Village Associates. For Defense. Sands Anderson PC Terrance Graves (804) 908-0927Exploding laundry room, tenant injured. Case settled
Agape Care Community LLC v. Larry Kang. For Pltf.Hatch, Ray, Olsen & Sandberg.Brian Ray (303) 298-1800 (Denver)
Roof collapse, tenant equipment is destroyed.
6-2016Wiseman v. Bayshore Apts, Carlton Mgmt LLC. For Pltf. Thomas J. Henry. (Corpus Christi). Wade Reese (713) 724-9275. S/F Concrete step gave way. Case settled
6-2016Baker v. Stone Canyon et al For Pltf. Sawaya, Rose McClure & Wilhite (Denver) Robert Wilhite 303-839-1650S/F as Baker walks on slippery sidewalk
12-2016 Buffington v. Victoria Place HOA Consultant for $650. For Plaintiff. Atty: Leventhal & Puga (Denver) Paige Singleton (303) 759-9692S/F potholes in Parking Lot
6-2017Alvarado v. Cornerstone For Pltf. Eisenberg Gilchrist & Cutt (Salt Lake City) Eric Olson (801) 366-9100Residential S/F sidewalk exiting property
11-2017Holtan v. Progressive Brookview & Old Town Square Properties For Pltf. Mac Hester Law, (Ft. Collins) Mac Hester 970-493-1866S/F Holtan fell on icy sidewalk Case settled
4-2018Ricci v. Gianos, Four Start (Prop. Mgr), Metrex Property Group For Pltf Anderson & Hughes P.C. (Salida) Stuart Anderson 719-539-7003Mold caused health issues Unknown
5-2018Miles v. Steven Schwinger ET AL Lanier Law Firm (Houston) For Pltf Jud Waltman 713-659-5200Mother & son die in fire burglar bars prevented exit Unknown
8-2018Doornbos v. Windtree Apts dba Weidner Invest. Service. For Pltf Heuser & Heuser LLP For Pltf (Colorado Springs)Doug Price 719-520-9909/F fell on ice in parking lot Unknown
8-2018Braverman v. Century 21 & Cross Family Trust For Pltf Eisenberg Gilchrist & Cutt (Salt Lake City)Tenant fell down staircase as she stepped down on the top stair, carpet gave way.
9-2018Sefija Djukic v. Patrick Murphy For Pltf Bendinelli Law Firm P.C. (Westminster)
Jared Mazzei
Tenant fell through patio decking. Unknown
12-2018Moore v. Osage Lofts Condo Assoc For Pltf.
Caroline Cooley,
Fourth St. Law
Castle Rock, CO
(303) 847-0120
Loss of property in storage unitCase settled
5-2019Gardner v. Florida Park Condo. Assoc. For Pltf. Richard Poormon,
Justice for CO
Denver, CO
(303) 863-9398
Slip and FallCase settled
8-2019Monson v. Edge Properties. For Def.
John Carver
Carver Law
(720) 932-8510
Inadequate tenant screeningCase settled
10-2019Kellogg v. McLane Foodservice Distribution For Def.
Eric Lund,
Hall & Evans
Denver, CO
(303) 628-3300
Slip and FallCase settled
4-2020Serrano v. Arterra Apartments. For Def.
Tyler Cuff,
Rodey Law,
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 765-5900
Slip and FallCase settled
8-2020Lopez v. Sky Harbor Apartments For Pltf.
Lena Daggs,
Eisenberg, Cutt, Kendell & Olson,
Salt Lake City UT
Slip and FallCase settled
2020Scott Norris v Scott Tieder and Baca Grande Property Owners Association For Pltf.
Tim O’Shea
Fuicelli & Lee, P.C.
Injury to Pltf from dog biteOngoing