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DateName of ArticlePublisher
2010 – PresentAuthoring Courses targeted at Residential Property ManagementColorado Continuing Education
03/01/09Classified Advertising For Renting Residential Properties: An Oxymoron?Colorado Realtor
(Colorado Association of Realtors)
07/01/08What Is a Reasonable Time Frame for Residential Property RepairsColorado Realtor
03/01/08Classified Advertising For Renting Residential Properties: An Oxymoron?Colorado Realtor
01/01/08My New Tenant: Foreclosed and Medical BillsColorado Realtor
11/01/07How To Qualify Tenants For Residential UnitsColorado Realtor
09/01/07How To Do A Lease Presentation Using TechnologyColorado Realtor
07/01/07Foreclosed: The Perfect Rental Property (or Is It?)Colorado Realtor
05/01/07Renting to Military Personnel – SERVICE MEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT OF 2003 (SCRA)Colorado Realtor
03/01/07Pets or No PetsColorado Realtor
09/01/06Property Condition Documentation Prior To New Tenant Move InColorado Realtor
07/01/06The Ugly Duckling – Can I Make It A Swan?Colorado Realtor
03/01/06Property Management (Maintenance: the difference between survey and inspection)Colorado Realtor
11/01/05OK Mr. Investor, It Ain’t As Easy As It LooksColorado Realtor
09/01/05Mr. Landlord, The Fire Destroyed All My Personal Items! When Will You Be Sending The Check To Cover My Loss?Colorado Realtor
08/01/05I Only Rented To One Person, But Four Are There Now!Colorado Realtor
06/01/05The Once And Future TenantColorado Realtor
05/01/05Moving’ Out Or How Come The Tenants Left It In Such A Mess?Colorado Realtor
04/01/05Why Become a Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers?Colorado Realtor
03/01/05Worker’s Compensation Coverage For Non-covered Independent Contractors Colorado Realtor
02/01/05Making Mortgage Payments – A Serious BusinessColorado Realtor
01/01/05The Check Is in the Mail (From the Owner?)Colorado Realtor
11/01/04The Tenant Process (Information Sheet)Colorado Realtor
9/01/04Tenant Applications Or The Truth And Nothing But The TruthColorado Realtor
08/01/04Property Management Means Property Control – Part IIColorado Realtor
06/01/04Property Management Means Property Control – Part IColorado Realtor
05/01/04Rental Property: Maintaining the Physical StructureColorado Realtor
03/01/04Life Of A Property Manager – Who Holds The Security Deposit And Who Gets The Interest?Colorado Realtor
02/01/04The Tenant Screening ProcessColorado Realtor
01/01/04Tenant RetentionColorado Realtor
12/01/03Fire Extinguishers:  Be Careful – You Might Get BurnedLocal NARPM Newsletter (Mile High Manager)
11/01/03How To Rent Your VacanciesColorado Realtor, November/December 2003 Issue
10/20/03Tips for Managing Residential Rental PropertiesCAR State Convention 2003
10/20/03Secrets of Residential Property ManagersCAR State Convention 2003
09/01/03Maintenance Surveys For Residential PropertyColorado Realtor News
08/01/03Is There a Residential Property Manager Out There?Colorado Realtor News
07/16/03Worker’s Compensation Coverage for Non-Covered Independent ContractorsDenver Rocky Mountain News
06/03/03My Listing Won’t Sell – What Now?Colorado Realtor News
03/10/01Making Payments On The Mortgage – A Serious BusinessDenver Rocky Mountain News
02/10/01The Check’s In The Mail (For The Owner?)Denver Rocky Mountain News
01/13/01Why Become A NARPM Member?Denver Rocky Mountain News
12/09/00Residential Property Management Course Offered By CommissionDenver Rocky Mountain News
12/01/00Fire Extinguishers, Be Careful-You Might Get BurnedMile High Manager (National Association of Residential Property Managers)
11/11/00Buy A Residential Property Management CompanyDenver Rocky Mountain News
11/03/00Meer Elected NARPM TreasurerDenver Rocky Mountain News
10/14/00Maintenance: The Difference Between Survey And InspectionDenver Rocky Mountain News
09/09/00How To Become A Residential Property ManagerDenver Rocky Mountain News